Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We've been busy....

These are final moments, as a little tear falls from my cheek. Why you say?
Why are we taking pictures of the back of our 12 year old car and that 2 year old car you ask?
Why again are we taking pictures of our 1996 Honda Passport and that beautiful 2007 Honda Pilot you ask?
Oh, because we are about to drive that beautiful Honda Pilot off this lot right now because we just bought it!!!
This is our new ride. It has 18, 000 miles, a roomy 3rd row, leather seats, and a navigation. Most important it is safe and it was a great deal. A steal according to several people who apparently know their stuff.
We love it and it is a great car for a multiplying family but it keeps us out of a mini van. Can't argue with that ;)

The blanket in the front is covering up the portable DVD player Sam got on Black Friday for our ride to Utah and other long rides but heck it has been nice even to and from the grocery store. I highly recommend.

I loved my passport and looking at the photos above is making me sad. We traded it in and I miss it. I drove that car for 10 years and it incurred lot's of memories, few miles for it's age, and it never let me down. I never had to fix anything unnecessary. I loved that car and Sam could not understand my hesitation in parting with it. Of course there were some things that looking back now I am happy I am no longer dealing with but those are few and whoever is in the price range of owning that car will be a happy camper.

I've been busy trying to be crafty

I don't have any more space on things for pictures in Easton's room so I came up with this idea. It has worked out pretty well. Some of the toy boxes and holders in his room are an old distressed gray look so I figured out how to make that look and painted the sailboat and plane to match.
I used to use this yellow hanger thing for my jewelry but Sam got me a jewelry box for Valentines day so I haven't know what to do to use it to the fullest. Then I realized I could use some fun bath tub pics of Easton and I had just taken some pretty funny ones. I luckily found these cute frames at the first place I looked for super cheap and wall-a!

Monday, December 15, 2008

We've been busy out and about with friends and family

Girls Night Out!
Girls Night Out turned into Karaoke. No boys allowed...for obvious reasons.
I threw my friend a baby shower for her anticipated baby boy Rockwell A.K.A. Rock.
Gotta keep the traditions going. What's X-Mas without some gingerbread houses.
Sam and I took Easton to the Mesa Temple to see the lights as they do something similar at the SLC Temple. It was fun to see the Palm Trees lit up. They had an International exhibit of nativity scenes inside the visitors center which was neat to see. We had a great time and Easton really enjoyed the lights. You could tell he was taking it all in. And who can go to Mesa and not travel 10 mins to Cafe Rio. Bonus!

Couldn't leave you hangin on the Easton pics

I caught Easton cracking himself up at the mirror
And I caught this too! I couldn't believe I caught it on film!
My little GQ boy
He carried around my boots for a few minutes. Probably until he realized they were almost as big as he is.
"Now this is a REAL TV folks"
I took Easton to the park last week when it was still normal Arizona weather and he started pushing the stroller around on his own. I thought that was cute until he began gathering pine cones and putting them one by one into the bottom of the stroller.
Here he is off for more pine cones.
This is Easton's early Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Tayler. He loves to try to get on by himself. He has a few different maneuvers.
This one's my favorite. LOL
He has learned how to rock it all by himself.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rambunctious little boy

Easton has almost this routine of what he likes to get into and do around the house, most of which he should not do or get into and most of which he knows he should not do or get into. He loves the toilets and every time he walks into the bathroom now he says ka-ka cause of all the scolding I've done. Thank goodness for toilet seat lid holderdowner-thinger-bopers. He loves to eat the toilet paper and also says ka-ka while in the process of stuffing it in his little mouth. He has yet to understand the meaning of the word,...clearly. I was tired of him flinging DVDs and DVD cases all over the room so I put them in a plastic case under the tv. He is now obsessed with pulling it out and stepping on it so he is big and tall and can hit the tv with all his might. I am going to have to go to plan C with this one. Throwing things into the kitchen garbage and pulling things out-Yuck! If kids only knew what they were doing sometimes. Now this next one is hilarious and terrifying to watch. I really want to get it on camera but am afraid to leave his side as he might split his head open. He has learned to open the tray of his baby swing and climb on it so he is standing and then swing freely to his hearts content as high and recklessly as possible, all the while laughing hysterically every time. I love to see it but I think I might need to put what has now become a trapeze away. I think it is time.

Easton and his little friend Tienna play so well together.
Ah, sharing so nicely...there was no crying after this exchange. J/k Actually there wasn't they really do get along really well. Tienna is so sweet and chill and Easton is pretty laid back too. It's really fun to see them together.
How cute is that hat!
I asked Sam to do Easton's hair to help us get ready as we were leaving to go to the car show. This was the end result. It was...original and strangely cute.
Tool Man E.B.

Turkey Day with Friends, No Family

This was the first family picture we took since I dyed my hair and when I looked at it on my camera it was pretty weird seeing three dark headed people in the photo instead of just two. But I like that now Easton and I have more similar features and people notice sooner that he has my blue eyes.
This is Easton topless btw after the red jello, spilled rootbeer, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc, etc.
RockBand baby
This is blackmail in 20 years Easton.

Thanksgiving was a nice change this year. We of course love the holidays with our families but it was a once in a time thing to have it with friends and fellow students who stuck around. We ended up with 13 adults and 8 kids. The food was really good, especially for first time turkey preparers (props Siri) and for all of us who made the other dishes without our mothers help :). We had a good time.