Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer vacations

Over Sam's break we had the opportunity to see both our families while on vacations.  We had them all to ourselves in St George and Sun Valley.  Both  trips we did not want to leave.  

On our way to Sun Valley

Take a picture of that face up close.  He likes to blow out his cheeks.  Ha
Easton flirting with the concierge.  Thanks for the help E.  If it weren't for this little guy she may not have worked so quickly to help us make our flight at the last minute. 
The baggage guy asked us if we wanted a family picture.  What a perfect venue for it don't you think?!
Again, Easton flirting away.  He only wanted to stand the whole flight.  And he did....
...Until this happened.

Sun Valley with the Tayler's

The pool was a giant hot tub at 100 degrees.  It felt great with the cold air.
Sportin our new backpacking gear and taking Easton and Gracyn for a walk.  They both liked it and you can barely feel them on your back at all.
My sister grew up iceskating with me.  


Back in the Saddle again

Many of you don't know this but I grew up iceskating, competing and doing shows.  My family and I would travel to Sun Valley every year for competitions so I used to skate on this outdoor rink a lot.  It brought back a lot of good memories.  I have neglected my iceskates and had not put them on for four years so I'm a little rusty but it was so fun to feel the ice again and do a few of my old moves.  

Eat it uncle B
Easton thinks car racing is pretty cool.  He's already taking after his daddy.
Gracyn is not quite sure what to do with this guy in her face.

Uncle Chris loves when Easton smiles with his tongue out.

Playing chopsticks (cause that's about the extent of my digit skills on the piano :()
Whad up
I know, I kept trying to tell him...

Such a beautiful walk

Sam and I and my sister Tiffani took the kids for a walk to Ketchum.  It is such a gorgeous scene along the way.  The snow capped mountains and the green fields full of wandering horses.  It was cold but it was so refreshing and the air is crisp and fresh.  I didn't want the walk to end.

St George with Sam's family

Well at least Uncle Ricco looks comfortable.
All the boys.  Easton is passed out and Bennett is learning how to flex those big guns.
Easton experiencing the "fuzzard" for the first time.  

Sally and I catching some rays.
Grandma Liz monitoring the bear hugs
Bennett smiling for the camera and playing along side Easton
The Warner clan (a bunch of crazies j/k)
Sam lovin' his time with the boys