Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Mesa Easter Pageant

This pageant was actually really well done. From the baptismal waters,to the flying doves, to Christ being risen and really looking like he was floating. It was really cool. And a trip to Cafe Rio on the way never hurt anyone.
Easton was such a sweety this night. It was chilly so we bundled him up and laid him on the blanket. He was really tired but he just laid there peacefully with his eyes open looking up at us for about a half an hour before he slowly fell asleep. He didn't make a peep. Our friends husband said, "Is he always like this? He is amazing." Our little mellow dude. (Mellow for now anyway)


Easton has regrettably been called Easter Bunny as a nickname. With that said I don't know why I didn't dress him up as the Easter Bunny. He'll thank me later

The speed of my little piggies

65 words

Speed test

....Which I thought was good until I saw that my friend got a 98 and then a 72 on her second try. The 72 she believed was not a good score so I am no longer impressed by the speed of my little piggies.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Munster beware

Munster is clearly jealous of Easton and will practically sit on E while I am holding him. Easton just started getting interested in Munsie and he grabs his hair. I think all the cats are in for it soon!

Easton's first time on a swing

He loved it! Even when Sam would swing him really high he would smile and laugh. It scared mom a little though.

Yeah an Exersaucer!

He loves it! However, he does get sick of it quickly at times. He'll keep playing with the toys while he whins. Thanks Carlie for letting us borrow this. It's awesome

The Bird

Ok, so my cute little innocent son has a thing with his middle finger. We literally have dozens of pictures with this finger popping out-and for all of you who know Sam and think he was up to this-he did not stage these pictures. I guess it's Easton's way of telling us something :)

Now that Easton is rolling over I am unsure what to do with him at night in his crib. He rolls on his side and scoots himself to the corner end of the crib with his head jammed against the bars. He would also lay on his side while pulling on the bumper. I ended up taking the bumpers off last night so he would not suffocate but now his arms are hanging out of the bars when I find him. The triangle things he's in here only help alittle as he scoots out of them. I'm not sure what is best at this point. Any pointers?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr. E

I love this summer outfit

Easton is now rolling over. He sits up well too but needs a little help. He loves to play with his binki so he'll take it out and try to put it back in. He hasn't quit mastered the second part. It's super cute. He talks a lot and he laughs out loud when we blow on his tummy. He has a silent laugh when his mouth is wide open and you can tell he wants to laugh and the other laugh when he laughs out loud. He seems to be exploring his vocal cords. He'll screech and yell out and he sounds just like his cousin Gracyn. We gave him his first haircut, which was a little scary for mommy. a footlong mohawk is a bit too long so Sam talked me into letting him cut the top so he can have a nice mohawk again. I'll post more post-haircut pics soon. It's nice at night to be able to get things done but I miss him when he is sleeping.

Old people at busy mall=

Sam and I went to the mall a few weeks ago and we just couldn't pass up this photo opportunity. The poor man was out for the count. His daughter woke him up with a startle which was really quit funny. His head jerked forward and he looked dazed and confused. Poor guy was bored to sleep waiting for his folks outside of an abercrombie and fitch. I don't blame the guy. Why was he being dragged along to the mall anyway?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

You'd think those were real grapes

For Christmas my sis bought Easton and Gracyn this cute teething pacifier. Gracyn didn't seem to like hers and didn't seem to understand how to use it so I wasn't even going to give it to Easton. Well, one day I did and it has been his favorite "chew toy" since. He is going to town in the second video! He holds it himself in the first. Sam and I think it's so funny.

Pool Boy

It's hard to tell but he is actually smiling and laughing. He loves going high in the air.

Cute in hats

Easton sports his hat frequently since he loves the pool
My very talented friend Jenny Jo made this awesome hat and mittens for little E. He used them a lot while in Utah. I know...she should sell those things!

Easton's 4 month check up!

Easton weighed 14 lbs 12 oz and is 25 inches long. He's in the 50% for everything. I guess he's not as big as everyone thinks. He got his shots :( but Sam took off the bandages before I got to take a pic so there is no visual. He seems to be right on with all of the developmental milestones as per the doc. He has even begun working pretty hard on rolling over. When on his back he does not initiate it but with a little help he can do the rest by himself. It's pretty cool to see how strong he is getting. I had another crying spell today while I was holding him and singing our lullaby's. Wow, I love him.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easton's Blessing (02-24-08)

So after a long hiatus from blogging I had to return since Easton was blessed, we have so many cute pics, and it was a special day.

It was a beautiful snowy day (so snowy I was afraid people wouldn't make it). Sam gave Easton a beautiful blessing and friends and family were there to support. We blessed him at my parents home. I recommend it. It was intimate and will be a good memory at my parents home where I grew up.

Such sweet cousins!

Fun time with buddies and cousins in Utah

Braxton and Easton. Easton looks huge but Braxton is actually 3 weeks older.

Gracyn..."I am so excited! Let's play" Easton..."I am so confused! Why is she shrieking and touching me?"

Sleepy baby

I was drying my hair and had Easton beside me. I could hear him playing but when it became silent for a few seconds I looked down and found him completely asleep doing a face plant!

Easton update (as of three months)

Easton loves to smile and laugh when mommy and daddy are funny (or funny looking)

He is very good at holding toys and his big hands are getting more coordinated

Check out his fingers. He weaves his fingers together all the time. If you put his binki in his mouth he automatically grabs your hand and fingers.

Easton literally can hold his own bottle. Only a few times do we have to help him lift it or put it back in his mouth. I know...genius :)

Dance Dance Revolution baby!

Lance and Easton..."Are you done yet???"

We're obsessed and if Sam and I had DDR I would probably play it all day!