Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm an aunt! Gracyn Merridee Shipley - not even one hour old

7# 3oz, Born at 7:33pm. on 7/30/07 (Lot's of 7's and 3's huh)

Welcome to San Lagos!

The next few pics are to show you around our hood (and to encourage you all to come visit us-(Kirsten and Tim))

Sam's school, Midwestern, is just across the street.

The gym

The pool we love and desperately need!

Our sandy beach

Munster on the lookout

Strutin' his stuff

Don't you just want to snuggle up and cuddle with all that fluff

Fanny and Sammy enjoying their daily nap

For those of you who are convinced Dart does not exist.

He loves a good butt rub....but don't we all

Ohh, Sweet Fanny

Sportin a REAL maternity dress! 24 weeks pregers

Oh Baby, here comes the belly!

How cute is that! Jodi 21 weeks, Kim 25 weeks, Callie 28 weeks. P.s. I'll see you guys at Babies R Us :)

The very night Tiffani went into labor. We're three months apart

28 weeks- a perfect shelf for Munster

Outside our front door

30 weeks Pregnant-Just to prepare you for when you see me this weekend :)