Monday, February 18, 2008

Giggles and Wiggles

Easton is now starting to reach for objects in front of him when we put a toy on his lap. He even grabbed and held a little teddy bear. He can sit up really well with help but he really does not get the whole rolling over thing. Mommy helps with that one! I love when he giggles when we play. He is much more interactive now. He loves to stand and he does this cute thing where he kicks just one leg over and over.

Easton and I trying out our pool for the first time

The picture that inspired it all

I had an entirely different idea for Easton's nursery. It was going to be a nautica theme but then I saw this picture and I could not leave the store until I had bought it and change the nursery theme entirely. It is now a "shabby chic" kind of style. The nautica theme will have to wait until Easton is a "big boy".

Easton's Nursery

Sam lovingly painted two of the nursery walls a blue that matches perfectly with Easton's crib sheets. Thanks babe!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

The extent of our Valentine's Day was a homeade dinner and a few 99 cent decorations.

Taggster and I splurged on the 99 cent crowns. We couldn't resist the flashing lights and knew our hubbies would find them irresistable.

It's Valentine's Day so that gives me the right to be sentimental and cheesy about my hubby. Sammy I love you and I'm grateful for your willingness to help, your devotion to family and "what is right", your sense of humor (although annoying at times but that's why we made up the "you're more annoying", your ambition and dedication to those brutal study days, your neverwaivering ability to make me feel special, beautiful and adorable, the father you are becoming, your sincere, genuine kindness and concern for others, your keen understanding of when sensitivity is appreciated, how you will always chose helping someone over not helping them, and your absolute "loveableness".

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easton's first swimming lesson

Our friends Nate and Kassidi surprised us with a visit to my parents house while we were both in Utah for Christmas. Kassidi teaches childrens swimming lessons so we got Easton into the pool for the first time. He was not quite 2 months old. He loved it. He likes when we bathe him so it was no surprise and the water is over 90 degrees. He liked to float on his back. Kassidi said babies know how to not breathe water in when they are under water and we have seen her daughter go under water and instintively hold her breathe. It was very scary but I felt ok with her there. She told us what to do. Easton did well and came back up only a little confused. But that became too scary for Mom so Easton enjoyed the rest of the swim kicking his legs and floating on his back.

Easton 3 month Update

Easton has always been pretty good at being able to hold his head up well but it's new for him to hold it up while lying on his tummy. He did this at 2 1/2 months. I do not put him on his tummy as often as I should and this child loves to be held so I don't lay him on the floor very often so he can work on rolling over. I need to be better. Overall I think he's a pretty strong kid so far. He is starting to laugh a little which is SO fun. He is alert and really watches and looks at things now. He has never really "gotten" the whole tummy boop thing but he laughed when I booped him today. It's fun how responsive he is becoming. It seems at times he is concentrating on touching his toes and some objects. Today Sam showed him the tv remote which has colored pads. He found it very interesting as he stared at it intently for several minutes. He began to cry later so Sam showed the remote to him again and he calmed right down and began to stare once again. He still loves to snuggle and I feel fortunate for this when he lays his head on my shoulder. This is way up there on my favorite list. Easton has lost some hair :( but we still get lot's of comments about how much hair he has. The most recent comment was, "He has more hair than my kids in high school do!" Funny huh. It appears maybe a little lighter too. He's not chuncky yet but he is really filling out and he's getting some adorable chubby checks. I can't get enough of the little guy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Famous Peeps

Jay Leno

Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazard

So someone asked me if I saw famous people at the car show a few weeks ago and why yes we did. But I forgot to add them (I was so moved obviously). Alice Cooper came as we left also and Patrick Dempsey was there before we got there. Wow huh :)

Sam loves to sleep with his boy

Here's a close up of Easton debuting his sunglasses. Isn't he stylin'?!

This is for real. They were really sleeping like this for a few hours.

The Taggsters

Out for a stroll with Katie

Out for a hike with Spence

Sir Lancelot and Eastonian

Check out those thunder thighs on Lance!

We've met some FUN friends, the Taggarts, who we hang out with alot. We've been out walking and hiking, to the Superbowl events, played games several times, and we trade off having Sunday dinner at each others house for a day off from cooking and some good company. Lance 6 months and Easton 3 months are buddies and we can't wait til they start beating up on each other and stealing each others toys.

The One I've Been Waiting For

Ok so I'm on this kick of touching songs. The second song I have on my blog made me think of the day Easton was born. He will be three months on Nov 5. This song describes my gratefulness to have been blessed with little Easton and how incredible it was to see him for the first time. "You are the one I've been waiting for....I thank God you came along.....I sat beside you and became myself." I don't think there is anything more motivating to better yourself than to have a baby. Literally I am "becoming myself" as I work at improving myself and being the best mother for Easton that I can.