Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peekaboo Photos

The day we got these pictures taken Easton was sick. We had already rescheduled twice so I took my chances. While Gracyn was the perfect child, smiling and loving the camera and attention. Easton on the other hand was horrible. He wouldn't smile. He wouldn't stay where he was supposed to. He wouldn't stay on the chair. He wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't...He was so ornery. The poor kid. I was also worried because almost all of his clothes were still in storage so I bought a few things but I bought them big so they would fit for the year to come not just for the photo shoot so they didn't fit great and I didn't prepare well. I was frazzled trying to change him and figure out what outfit to put him in quickly while he was so unhappy. I was sure with all that stacked against us we would surely not get any good pictures of Easton! But some how they turned out so cute! She even captured some smiles! Check out Peekaboo Photos. So good!