Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our little Tazmanian Devil

Our little guy making "music".  Or is that the Tazmanian Devil?

Easton is now crawling around.  No more scooting and army style.  He wants to see and touch everything.  When he is not pulling himself up onto every furniture piece he's crawling around.  And our house would not pass the baby-proofing test so we gotta get on that.
Easton has this new thing where he only smiles with his tongue sticking out.  I'm not complaining though ").

Easton now pulling himself up

 Yikes!  I feel like I can't leave the kid alone for fear he'll fall and break his neck.  He always wants to pull himself up onto everything now and he'll try to walk along as he holds on.  We're in for it now!  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Easton's BUMbo

This is where Easton eats his fruits and veggies.  This is also where his booty and thighs get stuck on every occasion.
He's a big boy, what can we say.

Sam and I went camping with some good friends of ours at Pine Top I think it's called.  It was really fun to get out in the open to see the stars and enjoy nature with friends.  Of course we had to have smores, my favorite.  

Me attempting to relearn guitar with Warren./ 

More pool days

The floaty is a hit

Out for the count


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The baseball named after Easton (he he)
This is one of Easton's new faces.  He also puts his bottom lip over his top lip and looks like an old man with no teef.
Gotta love when you catch a smile on camera.
His cowboy bib.
Easton praying before nighty night.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Easton at 3 months old

I wanted to get some pictures of Easton in his blessing outfit.  Those turned out cute but these in his sweater were cuter and not even planned.  

Friday, May 2, 2008

My guitar strummin, harmonica blowin hottie

Food on face vs food in mouth

Easton wiping his mouth.  Uh, you missed a spot buddy.
Not liking the fact that the squash baby food was all gone. 
Yes, this is Easton's spit up smeared all over his face.  He spit up while on his tummy and then "crawled" into it face first.

I LOVE my dad!

My dad is such a great grandpa.  On his own insistence he took Easton to see the ducks and for a walk in the bourne.  It was so sweet.  I look forward to the many more days to come when Gramps can have fun with E exploring, making him laugh, and playing together as he already has begun.    
Dad you are great.  Come see us more!  Easton misses you.

Swimming with the Cuzins

Getting the kiddos ready is always a process in-and-of-itself.  Sun block, hat, floaty, towels, diapers, binki, food, swimsuit, did I miss anything.  Not to mention your own necessities.  

One of his many new faces.
It was so fun to relax in the water with my dad, my sis, and Easton's cuz Gracyn.
Atleast Easton thinks I'm funny.

Gracyn lovin the water. She has her mouth open with excitement about 80% of the time. So cute!

Easton attempting to strangle Gracyn for rights to the floaty.
Fun in the sun.  The water was the perfect temperature.  The kids love it!