Friday, January 16, 2009

Helmet head with bangs

This is what happens when you try to cut your sons long hair and he won't sit still and you don't have a clue what you are doing.

This is when you say, "Aah Ooh, we can't salvage that and need to get that fixed asap!" and this is what serious bed head looks like

Ahh, much better after a professional did her job and he sat in a car and on a dinosaur.

Binki Wars

Easton went through a time of not much interest in his binki's and I was thinking, "Wow, getting him to let these go will be a smooth transition." Then, he became obsessed! He wants them at all times. He wants one in his mouth and one in each hand while he walks around. He wants them while he eats. He can't seem to figure out if he wants to take them out long enough to put the food in. When he wakes up he throws them out of his crib (strange since he's obsessed) but then when we go to get him out of his crib he wants nothing more than to get out of our arms and recapture his lost binki's on the floor and man he's mad until he gets to them! And he's a binki theif too!, hence the binki wars. He has no wubby or stuffed animal he is attached to. Just his binki(s). We are going to have to get creative soon I'm afraid....

To the rescue

So my parents came into town and they were both so relieved that we had two snuggies awaiting their arrival. Phew!

Experiencing Montezuma and a beautiful "Fall" day

Sam had the great idea of buying this push popper toy for E because he always wants to push our heavy suitcases around and he gets so frustrated when he can't do it well. This is his new favorite toy and he wanted to push it everywhere at Montezuma. All through the leaves and over the twigs and all!

The Phx Zoo and petting zoo

I don't think Easton was a huge fan of the carousel. He liked it ok but probably not his favorite "toy" yet. He just kindof sat there like, "What is this thing?"

I was impressed with the Phx zoo. I dare say I might like it better than the Utah zoo. I think it's laid out better so you can see the animals easier and it seemed less crowded even when it is not hot this time of year. We had a great weekend with my parents and although Easton does not get excited about the animals he does look at them and appear interested which is cool. My favorite were the brightly colored baboons. Easton was not at all afraid of the goats at the petting zoo and was just as interested in the tree stumps and benches to climb on as he was the goats.

Ho Ho Ho 2009

Better posted way late than never? You decide...

My sister thought it would be funny to dress Easton in Gracyn's tights and blouse so he looked like a ballerina girl. My dad said all he needed now was a cup and some ballet shoes. I just don't think he quite has that graceful, ballerina build, do you?

Gracyn and Easton in their Christmas pj's. Christmas morning was more like a jungle gym to them than anything else.
Christmas morning with the Warner's. Yeah! Two Christmas's!
The best Christmas gift ever!
How cute is that behind!
Christmas Eve with the 3 Warner cousins Bennett, Easton and Jonathon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Snuggie

A few weeks before Christmas I was looking through my emails when I read something about a Snuggie. Huh? I realized this was not my email account but Sam's that had been left open and had gone directly to his account. I like surprises so I quickly closed the email but was wondering what a Snuggy was. I knew it was my Christmas gift but what was it? A few days later Sam and I were watching TV when a cheesy infomercial came on about a Snuggy and how you can snuggle up with your arms inside the blanket. That's right inside! I started laughing and said, "Who would want...." and then slowly turning to look at one another and realizing that that was my Christmas gift from Sam we both burst out laughing. I was hysterical. I literally fell off the chair and was crying at the irony. It was so funny. Even further irony I write to you while wearing my Snuggy and I am perfectly snug and happy to report that it is convenient to have my arms covered and snug with very very soft fleece as I type.