Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We were lucky enough to be able to go boating this weekend with friends up at Lake Pleasant which is only 30 mins from here. We had such a good time! Our friends provided the blue muscle suits for Easton and Cameron and I couldn't get enough of them in them, as you can see. They looked adorable! They both loved the boat and going fast. They didn't get scared at all. Easton was the designated flag holder and took his job very seriously. It was gorgeous outside but the water was cold and we got started late so I didn't get in. I hope to go again and try out the wakeboards.

Back in the day

This weekend we had dinner with four of Sam's high school friends, three of which now live in Arizona, four including us. One was visiting from Utah so we got together for dinner. It's crazy how we have all moved to Arizona and live within 30 mins of each other. There was reminiscing, plenty of food, crying and commotion, and Sam and I got our butts kicked at Dr Mario. Good times.
Lot's of kids between us all.
Easton not only eats sand and dirt but small rocks as well as seen here.
It was kindof sad to have Easton at the big kid/little table. The other kids had to guard their food and he didn't eat much, most ended up on the floor, but he sat on his chair like a big boy.

THe Phx Zoo

I went to the zoo with friends a few different times. I didn't take pictures but my friends got some pretty good ones so I "borrowed" theirs of the cool animals we get to see. Easton is starting to take note of the animals but gets bored quickly.

The baboons are one of my favorites for sure. You just look at them and go, "What the ...?"
Easton and Cameron getting up close and personal-with the animals and each other :)

The second time I went they had a baby orangutan out who was playing with his mother. He was adorable and acted just like Easton playing all over me. Rambunctious and wild. The mother kept grabbing him and keeping him in line. It was fun to watch.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green eggs and French Toast

So for St Patty's Day I thought I would carry on the tradition of my mother and eat some green food. Yyuummy. The eggs look especially brutal due to the mozarella I added but Sam seemed to like them so that's all I care about. The milk was a trip. Sam said he felt like he was drinking paint but there was not a trace of any other taste. Just good ol' fashioned cow. We even wore green for the occasion. It was fun anyway.

That'll be the day

Not to complain, (although that is exactly what I am doing), I love San Lagos and all but as I was carrying my heavy grocery bags by the handful across the parking lot, over to my stairs, up the stairs, fumbling for my keys and then doing this over and over again all the while working up a sweat-and it's only March-I really, really (emphasized) wished I had a garage! Ahh, that will be the day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Snowboarding in Utah!

We were lucky enough to take advantage (only one day unfortunately) of the awesome snow in Utah during our rotation (just got the pictures) and go snowboarding with my awesome brother-in-law Rich. When the day was over, as always, I wished we had more time to continue but I felt so good being out in nature enjoying the fresh air and my body felt great and tired!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sam got a job offer!

Sam was offered a job about a week ago. Walgreens in SLC! We feel very lucky that in this economic crisis he was still offered a signing bonus, some help for relocation, and a small scholarship if he signs with them before June 2. He wants to still wait to see if other offers come up so we are still not sure where we will end up but it does look like we will be heading back to Utah. Walgreens in Arizona is not even offering bonuses and he does not think there are other companies out here that we would stay out here for. Things are still a little up in the air though so we will see???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Away in Utah

Sooo, I obviously have not blogged for a very long time. Most of you know Sam and I were in Utah for almost 5 weeks for his rotation. We had a great time. Below is an update of how we spent our time (well, mostly how Easton spent his time, cause you don't care what Sam and I did.) It's nice to be back to Arizona and to the blogging world.

My brother Chris has a nice camera so instead of paying a professional to take Easton and Gracyn's pictures for grandma and grandpa we decided to have him take them. Here are a few.

The hairdo profile. The kid has ALOT of hair!

There was a blizzard behind us if you can't tell. It was gorgeous!

E loved this chair. He would sit in it everyday and watch Baby Einstein as happy as a clam.
Easton would pull himself up on this and shake his booty and dance. He was putting on a show.
Gracyn loves to kick back. I love this girl!

White Fluffy Playground

Easton LOVED the snow and fortunately it snowed buckets several times. In spite of the cold he never seemed to want to go inside or to grow tired of the wet, cold snow. At times he could barely walk in it but I was surprised at how well he could walk and balance in it actually. He did a couple face plants and his little legs sunk to his knees at times. It was adorable to watch him explore and enjoy himself. Gracyn, his cousin was not a big fan of the snow so it was quite the contrast. He loved going down the slide too as you can see in the pictures. (For some reason I don't have some of the pictures of us and E just in the snow and they were so cute so I might add some more later). This first few snow experiences with Easton were very memorable for Sammy and I fo sho.