Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun time with buddies and cousins in Utah

Braxton and Easton. Easton looks huge but Braxton is actually 3 weeks older.

Gracyn..."I am so excited! Let's play" Easton..."I am so confused! Why is she shrieking and touching me?"


Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Those are fun pic's. Yeah Easton does look huge in that one picture next to his cousin who is older. You'll have to post what his percentile is - I bet he is a big guy! And Gracyn is cute too - she has gotten a little chub on those cheeks since we saw her at your house, what a cutie! I love that sweater dress she is wearing. You and your sis will have to have babies at the same time again but you have a girl and she have a boy so you can trade clothes!

Tim&Kirst said...

The top picture of Easty looks very TAYLOR-ish. I can see a lot of you in him. I especially love his bottom pouty lip. I vaguely remember the doctors telling you that you're baby had big puckers in your sonograms. Looks like they were right. :)